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If you are looking for more Potent Gummy, I would like to introduce you to our Newest CBD Product. Delta 9 Gummy.  These gummies are made with 8 percent THC. They are made with, natural, vegan, ingredients and flavors, with 9 percent THC. A microdose.

Delta9 can provide a euphoric and uplifting experience, relief from Stress, Pain, and Nausea, and perfect as a Sleep aid.  And nothing is more important to your Health, than a Good Night's Sleep.
Whether you need to Relax or get that much-needed Rest, Delta 9 Gummies, can Help you achieve your desired State of Mind.
They are my Personal Favorites

Delta 9 Gummy

  • QTY: 30 Gummies

    THC CONTENT: 8mg of infused Delta-9 THC per gummy

    ADDT'L INFO: Vegan, less than 0.3% THC

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